Welcome To Two Dresses Studio

My desire to design and create jewelry was a direct response to my own need to own pieces that not only reflected my particular taste, but were comfortable to wear and easy to put on and take off, affordable, yet well made, and original. I attempt to reflect similar elements of design I’ve focused on in my years as a visual artist. I am passionate about textures and patterns, drawn in particular to the intricate patterns in Japanese Chirimen and Chiyogami papers. I search for a variety of shapes, opacity, sparkle, sheen and colors in the beads I purchase as well as the paper and chirimen Cord beads I make. My ultimate goal is to achieve attention to fine detail yet balanced in a way as to create a successful and pleasing aesthetic.

Two Dresses Studio artwork is a combination of techniques beginning with a digital blueprint, followed by the addition of hand cut images, vintage ephemera and papers, paint, crayon, rubber stamps, etc. Layered and then coated several times. EAch piece created (unless in the print category) is unique and a one-of-a-kind original, while the digital blueprint itself is limited to an addition of twenty.

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